thank u, next by ariana grande

thank u, next is the women's soundtrack we didn't know we needed. In her follow up to "Sweetener", Ariana Grande navigates through the complexities of relationships, breakups, losing yourself, then emerging better than ever. The perfect blueprint for female empowerment. A classic phoenix story - after being buried in the ashes, she found her strength, dusted herself off and was reborn with an unshakable confidence.

imagine fantasizes an intimate, blissful romance built on trust to create the perfect relationship. needy, a persoanl fav, is vulnerable and raw, where she admits that she can be demanding, moody, insecure, hard to please, and even selfish at times. The beauty of it all, she embraces her flaws. Saying she's passionate, yet careless, but able to hide it when well-dressed. In the upbeat nasa, my 7 year old sister's favorite track (LOL), she sings about needing space until she discovers herself and the timing is right. Otherwise, she fears she'll lose interest, stating she needs to miss her partner before she's able to give him the whole world. bloodline makes it clear that she's looking for something temporary and fun, as she sings "don't want you in my bloodline, not tryna make you all mine". She takes her power back in what feels like yet another anthem, fake smile. Refusing to fake happiness, Ariana owns her mistakes and addresses false rumors, as Wendy Rene's "After Laughter" accompanies her. That sample has been popular; Metro Boomin recently used it for "Borrowed Love" and killed it! The sultry bad idea explores the duality of toxic relationships - feeling good but ultimately being bad and the inevitable spiraling out of control. The bossy demeanor in make up discusses a couple reconciling after differences. In ghostin, it's all put on the table. The ballad is an obvious ode to Pete Davidson and the late Mac Miller. Using her insane vocal range, she's apologetic about not being over her late ex while committed to someone new. To make it worse, her new partner is understanding and tries to lend emotional support, despite the awkward scenario. By far the most emotional song on the album. The airy in my head dives into falling in love with the idea of a person and their potential. However, she holds no grudges and takes accountability for her part in the broken fairy-tale. 7 rings is the popular women's anthem promoting freedom and independence. Grande said her inspiration for writing the song stemmed from gifting 6 of her best friends diamond rings. "Wearing a ring but ain't gon be no misses", she uses her lyrics to redefine what a diamond ring means to single women! She then gifted her mother and grandmother diamond rings after releasing the single. The title track and debut single, thank u next, explores Grande's new found romance - self-love. She thanks herself and her exes for shaping her into the woman she is today. Something we all can relate to. While marriage is on her radar, she refuses to settle. If you haven't checked out the viral music video, be sure to do so; she pays homage to "Mean Girls" and a few other cult classics. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored is a flirty and savage track which she's already released a music video for.

I can't wait to put my best kitty ears on and see her live in May with my little sisters! I know we're in for a killer show!! <3

"I am my own muse.

I am the subject I know best.

The subject I want to better." 

-Frida Kahlo