in my veins

Welcome! My name is Briana J. Hunter and I've admired fashion as early as I can remember. When I was 2, my parents began coordinating fashion shows at our local mall in my hometown South Windsor, Connecticut. My dad handled the business negotiations and my mom handled the talent. Both cast the models, but my mom styled them using clothes lent by department stores & then managed to work the runway after it all. Constantly being around this environment caused me to become fascinated with beauty at a very young age. The energy backstage during shows was indescribable; chaotic, yet still harmonious. Somehow, each time the models hit that runway they portrayed unshakable poise. I always found their bold confidence captivating.

Fashion is my favorite form of art, due to it's versatility. I'm always curious to see the various ways people express themselves via styling. Looks can vary drastically depending on the stylist or individual. I always have and always will enjoy the process of getting dressed, it's exciting! I love having the freedom to dress according to my mood and whatever it is I have to conquer for the day!

See more photos below <3

"I am my own muse.

I am the subject I know best.

The subject I want to better." 

-Frida Kahlo